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Award-Winning Garden Creators... Let us bring your landscape to life!

Fine Landscapes Designed, Planted and Tended


Garden Associates Delivers the Complete Landscape

Lush organic lawns

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Our diverse plant sources enable us to create exciting, out-of-the-ordinary gardens for you. We love to renovate existing but neglected gardens. If your lawn full is full of bare spots, we will rejuvenate and energize it with our organic lawn care program. Call us today at 603-383-6724!

Make Your Business Shine

As a business owner you would never think of greeting clients in sloppy clothes, yet what does the area outside your business look like - tattered and worn, or full of life and color? One of our commercial clients says customers and friends alike are constantly complimenting her on the lovely gardens surrounding her office. The unexpected benefit is that her employees greatly enjoy the beautiful environment and take immense pride in it. Call us today at 603-383-6724!

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