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In 2000, two of our clients' gardens won 1st and 2nd place in the Mt. Washington Valley Garden Trail Contest.

In 2001, three of our clients' gardens swept 1st, 2nd and 3rd place - a first in the 40-year history of the Garden Trail Contest.

In 2002, one of our client's gardens broke two records. The garden won 1st place in its division with a perfect 100% score (a first for a home flower garden) and was the winner of the coveted Freeman Frost Silver Cup Award for the highest scoring garden in Jackson (another first for a home flower garden)!

In 2005, one of our clients entered their garden and placed first in the Mt. Washington Valley Garden Trail Contest.


    Here are some of the judges' comments about the gardens we have created:

  • Most impressive, perfectly suited to the location. A trainquil viewing experience.
  • Fine variety of plantings in a very challenging area to plant.
  • Excellent - many unusual and choice plants and shrubs.
  • Such a pleasure to visit this garden!
  • New growth on roses is exceptional.
  • WOW!! Lovely restful garden, wonderful variety, texture & colors. I'm moving in!

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