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Great Lawns Built from the Ground Up

Whether you have an existing lawn full of weeds and brown patches or are starting from scratch with bare soil, Garden Associates will give you the green, lush lawn you desire. Our secret is building the lawn from the ground up by properly preparing the soil with lots of organic compost and other amendments. 

Once established, the lawns we create will withstand drought far better than ordinary lawns thereby saving precious water.  Our deeply-rooted lawns are a joy to walk and play on, with no noxious chemicals ever used.

~ Irrigation for the Lawn & Garden ~

During the last several years great advances have made irrigation systems both efficient & reasonably priced. Our systems are inconspicuous, low-maintenance and reliable. We can deliver just the right amount of water to every area of the garden: lawns, flowerbeds, shrubs, trees, and even planters & hanging pots.

Automatic irrigation is revolutionizing landscaping, ensuring healthy, robust plants and lawns. Free yourself from one more slavish task during the growing season. Save water and time, and reap the benefits of a thriving landscape.

We install two kinds of irrigation systems: Pop-ups (for lawns) and Drip (for gardens & containers).


Drip Irrigation Quick Facts...
Low volume irrigation system
Does not need to be blown out in autumn
Provides each plant with optimal soil moisture
Saves 50% - 70% of the water used with overhead sprays
Can be automated with a timer
Plants mature faster with fewer diseases and mildew
Can reach all your containers and hanging baskets
Well-irrigated soil promotes a vigorous and healthy landscape
Can be used for vegetable gardens as well as ornamental gardens

What are you waiting for? Increase your landscape's potential with Drip Irrigation - call us at 603-383-6724!

The above image shows a Drip Irrigation system before being covered.

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