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Letters from our Clients

    The Garden Associates team of professional gardeners came to us on a rescue mission. They not only saved our newly landscaped but poorly planted yard from utter disaster, but they created a garden that we had only ever dreamt about. They revamped the irrigation system, moved plants to more appropriate locations, resurrected trees and bushes which had been incorrectly planted by the original landscaping group, regenerated the soil and brought to life an unbelievable, three-season display of horticultural glory. What a delight. Our appreciation and admiration goes to all three on the team: Naomi, Kurt and Kathy. We will gladly stand as referees.
               - K. K. and B. K. of Jackson, NH


   Garden Associates made my dream come true.  I always wanted a beautiful flower garden but I had no idea how to accomplish my dream.  Naomi, Kathy and Kurt of Garden Associates came to me with a vision of colorful flowers.  The design plan included perennnials, annuals and herbs with the promise I'd have butterflies and hummingbirds in my garden.  They created a beautiful landscape drawing, tilled the soil and dug the plants.  Carefully they fertilized and trimmed the plants.  They did such a wonderful job that our house was awarded first place in the Mt. Washington Valley Garden Trail Contest. 
    Garden Associates are dependable, hard working and very creative.  They truly love what they do and it shows in their designs and creativity.  We have received many compliments about how beautiful our garden looks.  I love my garden.
               - J. P. of Jackson, NH


    Now that summer seems to be getting underway, I wanted to take a moment and thank you and your associates for the excellent work that you have done for my wife and me. We have found Garden Associates LLC to be prompt, thorough and professional, and we are quite happy with your design ideas and the way things are shaping up. 
    In the future, if you need a recommendation, please do not hesitate to use us as a reference. We would be happy to recommend your organization and your work to others.
               - P. D. and J. D. of Jackson, NH


    Thank you for transforming the surroundings of our abode from blasé to spectacular! We now are able to gaze in any direction on flowering plants and shrubs that have been colorfully selected and harmoniously arranged. The total combination of borders, split rail backdrop, et al renders our grounds a daily pleasure to view.
               - M. Z. and J. Z. of Glen NH.


    Thanks for the design and care of our gardens at Prudential Joy Tarbell Realty for the last 2 years. Your ideas and implementation were always "right on", and we continue to get compliments on the grounds.
               - Joy Tarbell


    WOW!! We came home today and couldn't believe how beautiful the garden came out. It could be on the cover of a magazine! I love the brick edging, the distribution and variety of plants - I did find the name cards that go along with them and hope to learn at least some of them. In the few hours since we've been home we've already had compliments from 2 neighbors walking by. Thank you so much.
    P.S. Our veggie garden is already taking off - the tomato plants are starting to look like a hedge! We'll have plenty to share.
               - M.R. and G.R. of Glen, NH   


    Garden Associates LLC did an excellent job preparing the soil and selecting plants that were suited to our environment.  Aesthetically, they juxtaposed the plants and the groundcover to create interesting contrasts in colors and textures.  The flowering plants they selected produced flowers with a variety of colors which bloomed throughout the season.  As a result, our garden looked mature and beautiful even in its first year.  It looked so good we won first place in the 2005 Mount Washington Valley Garden Trail Competition, Home Flower Division B.

               - E.V. and M.V. of Jackson, NH



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